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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Operation Dark Divide Update Detailed

Treyarch has rolled out the massive Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Operation Dark Divide update, which is available to download now for PlayStation 4 and will be coming to PC and Xbox One at a later date. There’s a ton of Blackout content with this latest patch, including the addition of tanks as part of the new Heavy Metal Heroes mode.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Operation Dark Divide Update

Here’s the full skinny on the new Blackout content:

Heavy Metal Mode

This limited-time game mode has been torn from the pages of comic books. Reach new heights with thrust jumping, catch some air on ramps around the map, and drop in with a heroic starting loadout complete with body armor and a weapon. Heavy Metal Heroes features vehicle-intensive combat between armored ARAVs, ATVs, motorcycles, and tanks. Find a vehicle and fire a fatal blow at the opposition.

Tank & Flare Gun

The Tank is ready to roll and packs a powerful punch among the vehicles of Blackout. Currently only in Heavy Metal Heroes, the Tank is a high powered weapon that can decimate the competition. The tank can support two players – a driver and a passenger – in the gunner position. Keep an eye out for the tank, or for the Flare Gun, which calls in an aircraft to airdrop one of these armored assault vehicles on your position.

On the Zombies side of things, players now have access to new Elixirs at the Laboratory, and a new Perk has been added in the shape of the Blaze Phase. In addition, the final entry in the Zombies Aether story is available for Black Ops Pass members, which sees the Victis crew travelling to Siberia to battle against the undead hordes.

There’s also a new map called Lair, which takes place on a volcanic island and includes a laser that players can use to their advantage against their enemies.

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