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Call Of Duty Warzone Update Arrives With Key Weapon Nerfs

The latest Call of Duty Warzone update has arrived via developer Raven Software, and as expected, it comes with some major nerfs for weapons including the overpowered DMR. In case you missed it, this was causing major headaches for players as it was seemed far too strong, resulting in a strong backlas online.

You can read up on the Call of Duty Warzone patch notes below.

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  • DMR 14 – Reduced headshot damage, increased recoil
  • Type 63 – Reduced headshot damage, increased recoil
  • Mac-10 – Decreased headshot multiplier
  • Dual pistols – Increased hip fire spread, decreased damage range

Call of Duty Warzone was released in March 2020 for PS4, PC and Xbox One as a standalone battle royale companion to Call of Duty Modern Warfare. It’s now joined up with Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War and continues to receive fresh content on a regular basis.