Capcom acquires full rights to MotoGP

Capcom announced today that it has obtained full rights to the MotoGP series, in a five-year deal that allows the publisher to distribute games in the popular racing series for multiple platforms.

Previously, the company only held the right to release MotoGP titles on the PlayStation 2, with THQ taking up publishing duties for other consoles.

However, having acquired full rights to the series, Capcom will start releasing games on multiple systems, starting with a new MotoGP title for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, Wii, Xbox 360 and mobile platforms later this year.

“We are very excited to have signed this long term agreement with Dorna Sports, which for the first time grants one publisher worldwide multi-platform rights to the adrenaline fuelled world of MotoGP,” commented Capcom’s Executive Vice President of Consumer Software Publishing, Mark Beaumont.

“We feel this move to a single publisher will greatly benefit our ability to develop titles that deliver more authenticity and excitement to the consumer.”

Stay tuned.