Capcom ships two million copies of Street Fighter IV

Capcom has shipped two million copies of its celebrated brawler Street Fighter IV following the game’s launch earlier this month, the publisher confirmed today.

The Japanese firm is hopeful that the forthcoming release of Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li will stimulate further interest in the classic franchise, which recently passed its 20th anniversary.

Said the company: The movie was developed in order to help rebuild the Street Fighter brand by drawing in new fans and reinvigorating fans of old.”

"In fruition of its policies, Capcom has achieved the feat of breaking the two million copy mark despite the economic crisis with this first iteration of the Street Fighter series in 11 years."

"At Capcom, not only do we strive to make entertaining and profitable games, but we are always endeavouring to lucratively develop our popular franchises in other media in ways that will please the fans."

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