Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono to ‘be out of the limelight for a while’

Street Fighter legend Yoshinori Ono has revealed his intention to take a backseat on the franchise following a recent spell in hospital.

Ono-san, who was taken ill following a lengthy promotional tour for Street Fighter x Tekken, confirmed plans to continue supporting the crossover brawler and thanked fans for their support.

"I caused u so much worry for a while.I went back to work. SFteam’re working wholeheartedly on patches forSFxTK, plz wait just a little longer," he Tweeted. "I apologize for that. And Thanks for a lot of get-well message!"

"I’ll refrain from work for current job for a while. Another person in charge of SF series for a while. Of course I’ll constant support to it."

Finally, the Capcom producer teased that he’ll begin thinking about future projects upon his return to the limelight.

"I’ll be out of the limelight as fighting game series for a while. I’ll think about the new future of fighting game after this. ;D"