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Cars Will Explode When You Shoot At Them In Crime Boss: Rockay City’s Latest Update, Full Patch Notes

Crime Boss: Rockay City’s latest update 6.0 brings a fair number of fixes to the game, but it also adds a feature that you’d be forgiven for thinking most games of this ilk would have.

That being any shooter in a city setting, because now cars will explode when you shoot at them. Previously, they just didn’t.

There’s also a new mission being added, and new female heister models, and a winter themed menu for the holiday season.

You can check out the full patch notes for all the fixes, below.

Crime Boss Rockay City Update 6.0 Full Patch Notes


  • Occasionally, female hooded team mate would not register damage. This was fixed.
  • Non-latin characters were on occasion not shown ingame. Those should be correctly shown now.
  • Player could encounter locked state of campaign upon continuing in Character Story mission after failing it. This should not happen anymore and this state should be fixed by this update.
  • Sometimes, enemies would be stuck after spawn and would not come near player. This should not happen anymore.
  • Multistore Robbery would sometimes load for excessive time. This should not happen anymore.
  • Typo in “Strike received” text fixed.
  • Wrong stairs collision in one of stores fixed.
  • AI taking out weapon when ordered to loot something in stealth and keeping the weapon in hand. Bots should now hide weapon after bashing glass/ container.
  • Spamming open/ close campaign dialogue should no longer result in loss of focus in menu.
  • AI should be able to open and loot cash registers now.
  • AI should be able to loot safe in “Car Dealer” now.
  • Gold Cup nominal success ending cutscene should no longer have characters in A-poses.
  • Sound loop of “counting score” was sometimes present after finishing Urban legend. This should not happen anymore.
  • Party management screen would sometimes stay open, this should not happen anymore.
  • Wrongly placed decal behind lifted truck adjusted. Rubber mark on road should not be floating anymore.
  • Bug where Nasara was seen in scene for split second should not happen anymore. This created confusion when players thought Nasara should be available for talk, but was not.
  • Throwing loot bag animation is now played for spectators.
  • Warehouse ramp doors sometimes looked closed for client. This should not happen anymore.
  • Number of police badges should now correspond at all times between FPS and Meta instances.
  • ‘Strike received’ notification should not be called twice anymore.
  • Lighting in Dragon Dogs tweaked.
  • Lighting in Multistore tweaked.
  • Lighting in Garage tweaked.
  • Lighting in Hidden Vault tweaked.
  • Lighting in bank tweaked.

Source – [INGAME Studios]