Atlus Catherine PS4

Catherine PS4 remaster in the pipeline – rumor

Atlus is reportedly working on a Catherine PS4 remaster, according to a rumor kick started by Ryokutya.

Further evidence cropped up in a translation of Twitter post by Nibel, which claims that Atlus is working on revamping one of its “popular PS3 titles” complete with “added content.”

Catherine PS4 remaster is looking likely

The popular candidate is Catherine, seeing as how Atlus has only actually developed a few PS3 titles itself, the other being Persona 5. As the latter has already been released on the PS4 too, it's probable we're looking at Catherine getting the high-definition treatment.

Others have speculated that we may be getting a Demon's Souls PS4 remaster, although Atlus only published the game in the U.S.

Catherine launched on the PS3 and Xbox 360 in the U.S. back in July 2011 and hit Europe the following February.

The game takes the form of a puzzle-platformer where players control a chap named Vincent, who starts having strange dreams after his girlfriend, the titular Catherine, starts broaching the subject of marriage.

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Source: Geek Culture