Certicom wants their money’s worth

In today’s world people can sue each other over breathing the wrong air, and for some reason Sony seems to be the center of attention. The company has yet again supposedly broken a patent infringement law.

This time it’s a company called Certicom Corp. and it’s not just about the PS3 but almost every electronic device Sony has made over the years. Certicom believes Sony has broken two U.S. patents for digital content protection by using Certicom digital encryption technology. This patent is affecting everything from the PS3 all the way to personal computers Sony has been making for years now.

Certicom went to explain how Sony violated each patent. The first patent covers access control technology which is provided in Blu-ray products such as PS3, DVD players, and the new Sony Vaio computers. The second patent covers digital transmissions that Sony uses in wireless and audio devices such as surround sound systems, possibly the PSP, and HDTVs.

When ask to comment on the situation Certicom replied:

“We have invested heavily in (elliptic-curve cryptography) research and development over many years and feel strongly that our shareholders deserve fair value from companies using our patented technology”

He then went on, “We prefer to resolve these issues through commercial discussions and without litigation. However, at this point we are left with no alternative but to file suit.”

It is clear that Sony is either easy to attack for companies to get rich or they are good at infringing patents and getting away with it for a very long time. This is not the first time Sony has been sued for something they have made for years. Many of you may be familiar with the Immersion law suit over the vibration technology in Dual Shock controllers. Fortunately the two sides recently reached an agreement.