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CI Games Is “Well Positioned” For Its Future Two Projects Thanks To Lords Of The Fallen’s Launch

Lords Of The Fallen is available now, and has launched to plenty of praise from players and critics alike despite some technical issues at launch.

It’s seemingly been a strong start for publisher CI Games and developer Hexworks. So strong in fact, that CI Games chief executive officer Marek Tyminski took to Twitter to say how strong.

Lords Of The Fallen seems to have had such a strong start that CI Games and Tyminski “are pleased to confirm, following the release of Lords Of The Fallen, that CI Games is well positioned for the future games in our development pipeline (Project Survive and action-RPG Project III).

We will announce the key data for Lords Of The Fallen in the coming days (sales and capex).”

As CI Games is the only through line from the 2014 Lords Of The Fallen and this new release, it’s possible that Action-RPG Project III could already be another Lords Of The Fallen game.

That’s just speculation, but if the two codename titles for these projects are both references to genre, then it’ll be interesting to see CI Games work on a survival game, and which developing partner would be working with CI Games.

Source – [CI Games]