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Cinematic Adventurer Voyage Releases August 12, 2022 Watch The Launch Trailer

Venturous has announced that its sumptuous-looking adventure title Voyage is now available on Steam, and has released a launch trailer to celebrate the game’s release on August 12.

Check out the launch trailer below.

Voyage takes the form of a cinematic adventure that aims to capture the essence of shared exploration. The game revolves around two survivors regardless of whether you play alone or cooperatively, as the pair embark on a journey to uncover answers of a long-forgotten past.

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The game features gorgeous hand-painted visuals and help to convey the game’s wordless narrative, and its emphasis on exploration means you can soak up the locations without worrying about violence encounters. Elsewhere, Voyage features customisable controls and a soundtrack composed by Calum Bowen, who previous worked on Lovely Planet.

Voyage is out now for PC via Steam.