Cipher Complex is still in production

Revealed in 2006, Cipher Complex stands as Edge of Reality’s first crack at a non-licensed IP. This will be their first self-funded project thus far.

According to the developers, the new title will showcase unique, stealth gameplay that focuses on environments and AI as a key element of the experience.

Cipher Complex has been in development now for over four years and is scheduled to be a multiplatform release for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. However, new details have been scarce since its 2006 unveiling. Just to make sure things were still on board and the project had not been canceled (a lot of that happening lately), contacted Edge of Reality for an update.

"We are indeed working on the game but I can’t comment much on it," said Edge of Reality’s Binu Philip. "It was signed to a major publisher last year and we are in a media quiet period for the time being."


From what we have seen in released screenshots and the few tidbits of information that we’ve read, Cipher Complex is definitely a game to keep your eye on. If anything new seems to come together regarding this title, we’ll be sure to keep you informed.