City of Metronome on the back burner?

If you are someone who enjoys watching out for innovative and creative new games for next gen consoles, then you have probably heard of The City of Metronome. Sadly though, due to many reasons the game has been pushed back and is in a redesign state.

To get some answers on what happened to The City of Metronome, PSU contacted Björn Sunesson, game developer at Tarsier Studios. Here is a short Q&A we sent over to get an idea of what Tarsier is doing and what future plans they have for The City of Metronome.

PSU: What is the current state of The City of Metronome? (Indefinitly delayed, still in development, redesign, ect…)?

Björn Sunesson: We put Metronome on the back burner about a year ago, and pretty much all of our team are working full time on other projects. We are still tossing around lots of ideas of cool stuff that we can do in the city, and testing some out when time allows. But the actual game we presented at E3 back in 2005 is not in active production.

PSU: What was the cause behind the redesign or the route in which you are going?

Björn: The original City of Metronome concept seemed quite risky in the eyes of a publisher. A new team combined with a game that had unproven "weird" ideas for gameplay and took place in an environment unlike any other game. So what we are doing now is basically building the needed track record, combined with re-designing gameplay to a state where it is still innovative and awesome, but not so unusual that publishers marketing people gets all confused and scared.

PSU: If the City of Metronome is ever to be released, what would you guess will be the expected release time period?

Björn: It’s hard to say, especially considering there is not one single "The City of Metronome"-game anymore, but actually a couple of very different concepts all taking place within the city. Add to this platform considerations, new versions of distribution and what have you, it could be anywhere from christmas -07 to summer 2011 Smile

PSU: You mentioned that Tarsier is working on other projects now, are any of them for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360?

Björn: I’m pretty excited about some of our new stuff, so I’ve had to promise to keep my mouth shut about it Smile

PSU: Anything else you’d like to add?

Björn: Just thanks, to you guys and all the people on the net who are keeping the interest for Metronome alive, gaming sites, blogs, forums etc. Publishers are actually paying attention to that stuff, all talk helps Smile

PSU would like to thank Björn again for talking to us about the game. You can check out Tarsiers official website here where you can check out the newest on The City of Metronome and Tarsiers newest title The Desert Diner.

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