COD 4 PS3 online running smoothly

We recently reported that Infinity Ward was working hard to end the dreaded "Downloading Game Settings" message that popped up when attempting to enter the online mode of their addicting shooter, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. We’re glad to report that everything now seems to be running smoothly for most gamers.

The issue was regarding the massive hit their servers were taking – they just didn’t expect that the amount of players that bought the game were playing online. There was no patch, simply a server upgrade on their side.

I myself was able to connect to an online game for the first time today, prior to logging a flawless two-hour session (network-wise). In addition, there has been far less complaining and repetitive thread-making regarding COD4 online issues on our forums – we can only assume that’s a sign of less forum-going and more COD4 online gaming. Let us know how COD4 online is running for you in the comment section.