COD4 PS3 DLC taking "longer than expected"

Infinity Ward has revealed that the Variety Map pack for the PlayStation 3 version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is taking “longer than expected”.

Speaking in a post on his blog, Infinity Ward’s Community Manager Robert Bowling commented, "I was originally hoping we’d have all the details finalized for the upcoming launch of the Variety Map Pack on the PS3 by last week, but it’s been taking a bit longer than expected.”

"The only thing we’re waiting on now is official dates, all the logistics are essentially worked out.”

"I got word today that the Variety Map Pack for PS3 has went amazingly well through Certification at Sony and they plan on having it available on the brand spanking new PSN store in the coming weeks."

The variety map pack contains the following multiplayer maps to indulge yourself in – Chinatown, Creek and Broadcast.

Stay tuned.