Codemasters dates Rise of the Argonauts

Codemasters unwrapped a fresh release schedule for its upcoming mythical hack and slash RPG, Rise of the Argonaunts.

The publisher confirmed that the game will now hit Europe on December 12, having previously been delayed from its original release on November 5. North America will get the game a few days later on December 16.

Unfortunately, UK gamers will have to wait until the New Year slip into the shoes of leather-bound, muscular hero Jason, with the title not due out in Blighty until “early 2009.”

The mythological adventure revolves around the Greek king’s quest to resurrect his deceased wife, Alceme, by obtaining an elusive item known as the Golden Fleece. Joining him in his escapades is a band of buff blokes known as the Argonauts, who assist Jason as he traverses perilous Islands and lays waste to hulking, mythical beasts.

Rise of the Argonauts is due out on PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360.