Codemasters gains Formula One license

With Sony no longer wishing to develop their Formula One franchise, the licensing for the sport was put up for grabs. According to a press release sent out by Codemasters, this gave them the opportunity to swoop in and make the deal happen which has resulted in them adding yet another racing franchise under their companies list of many. The creators of Toca, DiRT and the upcoming title, GRiD, are preparing to release their first installment of the Formula One racing series some time in 2009.

It’s been commonly agreed upon that SCEE had done a fantastic job with the sport in representing it within videogame form and a lot of gamers are concerned with the fact that Codemasters may not be able to continue that tradition. Though they do have a decent track record when it comes to the sport of racing, it seems we’ll have to wait a respectable amount of time to see if they can pull off a simulation-heavy franchise like Formula One.  If anything else is released in regards to this title, we’ll keep you up to date.