College Hoops 2K7

Announced in August to launch with the PlayStation 3, College Hoops 2k7 will be the first and only college basketball game to hit the console this year.

Not much is known on the title just yet other than it will feature the same control scheme as the College Hoops 06 and will sport new animations and improved graphics.

Recently 2k Sports released a little bit on how your team will be affected by the way your star player acts. Basically if you share the ball and give all players a chance to get the spotlight your team will play better, however if you hog the ball and take lousey shots left and right, your team will begin to play poorly.

2k Sports also added that they promise make the team styles more authentic and realistic by capturing the way players react on court. Also, Duke Blue Devils super-athlete Riddick will be featured as the star on the College Hoops 2k7 cover and will serve as the game’s spokesperson.

Look to see College Hoops 2k7 on store shelves this November.