Community Spotlight – Top 5 worst videogame endings

In the first of a new monthly feature, PlayStation Universe staff have chosen regular forum contributor and Master Poster, FonFahbre, for April’s Community Spotlight prize.

FonFahbre wins a PSN Card to spend on anything it likes; though we’d certainly recommend Zack Zero or Skullgirls for either some retro action, or something a little different.

Each month a member of our community will be chosen due to their contribution over the years on the forums, or a particular post that caught our attention. FonFahbre had some great input into a thread discussing “The Worst Videogame Endings.

His answers resonated with the PSU team, so we’ve given him the opportunity to publish his opinion on the home page.

Without further ado…here are Fonhabre’s top 5 Worst Videogame Endings Of All Time.

You shouldn’t need to be reminded that if you read on the storyline of these games will be spoiled for you

Killzone 3

A hand full of space marines not only took out an entire space fleet of the Helghast army but somehow manage to nearly wipe out the entire Helghan population with a single nuke. I know that the radiated Petrucite circling the planet had something to do with it but come on!

Gears of War 3

The same as Killzone 3. A shockwave of energy not only wipes out the Lambent but the Locust as well? What about the humans who were also exposed to the parasite infested fuel used for years? (It was used for many things during the Pendulum wars and E-Day). The fact that humans also became Lambent is an indication that humans have already been too exposed to the parasite.

Mass Effect 3

So my decisions till this point didn’t matter, Okay, whatever. So Shepard dies – I was expecting it (and it was underwhelming). But the ending overall was just as bad as The Sopranos. It just ends with no real closure on a lot of things. What happens to your comrades afterwards? What will all the races stuck on Earth do from now on? The Mass Relays are destroyed, what will they do to solve that? Then the secret ending indicates that the battle is not over? Now Bioware is going to release DLC to explain the ending better when they could have done just that in the final product. But I don’t blame them for that. I blame EA for rushing them to push the game out.

Resistance 3

They failed to answer a lot of mysteries left from the first two games such as the origins of the Chimera and the unknown race that defeated them millions of years back; The Clovens; More on grey tech; Pure chimeras; The Chimeran planet hovering above New York; The Hive Mind and the message behind Hale’s words at the end of Resistance 2. It was nice to see humanity finally taking arms again to counter the Chimera but ending the game like that without answering those important questions was a slap in the face.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The ending just gives you four buttons. You can only choose one and each one determines how the game ends. Here’s the catch, nothing really happens. All you get are clips of real life events along with Adam giving his philosophy. I mean, it doesn’t even tell you what happens afterward and how your actions affect the people you’ve met throughout the game. It’s a cheap and lazy finale.

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Thanks to Fonhabre for his input and contribution to PSU!