Confirmed: PSN redesign & Warhawk expansion to come

As rumors keep sprouting everywhere on anything and everything PlayStation related, it can be a bit tedious to keep track of them all, but not in this case. One of the most recent rumors that has sprouted was the idea of a PlayStation Network (PSN) redesign to come soon.

Well Gamasutra recently did an interview with John Hight, SCEA’s director of product development and got the confirmation.

In the interview Hight stated that, "I think you will see a pretty big change in the PlayStation Network in the early part of April, where we roll out some new interface stuff largely based on customer feedback." While we still don’t know the exact details of changes, there are other rumors floating around like the possibility of video downloads.

Hight also confirmed another rumor about a possible Warhawk Expansion coming soon. He stated in the interview that, "We just released an expansion on Warhawk in September, and we’ll release another one in April."

You can read the entire interview with John Hight here.