Corpse Party: Blood Drive coming to PS Vita later this year


Developers 5pb. and Team GrisGris announced today a sequel to Corpse Party, the mildly successful survival-horror title developed for the PSP. Corpse Party: Blood Drive is scheduled to release in Japan later this year for the PlayStation Vita. It should not be confused with developer Grindhouse’s Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient, which is a separate title currently under development.

A short premise introduction of the upcoming title can be found below:

Is the tragedy that visited the Shinozaki family an omen of a new tragedy in the birthplace of Yoshie and Sachiko?

After the death of Sachiko, it was thought that Tenjinko collapsed.

However, due to a stronger ruler, the power of that curse was magnified.

At last, various mysteries taking place in Tenjinko School are revealed.

Will you be able to recover your cruelly murdered comrades in Tenjinko …?!

Source (via Gematsu)