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Cozy Grove, A New Life-Sim Game Set On A Haunted Island, Is Coming To PS5 And PS4

Spry Fox has taken to the PlayStation Blog to lift the wraps off a new PS4 and PS5 life-sim game known as Cozy Grove, which takes place on an ever-changing haunted island.

Players will take on the role of a Spirit Scout and wander around the island’s forest each day, unearthing new secrets and helping to sooth the local spirits. In time, you efforts will restore color and joy back to the the game’s eponymous setting. Spry Fox has said Cozy Grove will combine ‘beautiful art, deep storytelling, and delightful surprises.’

The studio went on to discuss how the project was inspired by relaxing life sims that encourage players to unwind, explore and express themselves via decorating and clothing. Color is also key, as one of Cozy Grove’s mechanics sees large parts of the island uncolored until the are reinvigorated by the player.

Cozy Grove’s distinctive look has been driven in large part by Noemí Gómez, our wildly talented and charming Spanish colleague. Noemí brings an extraordinary whimsy to everything she draws, which is perfect for a game that includes vegetable-bear hybrids and giant fox salesmen on a constantly shifting, limbo-esque island.

The company added that Cozy Grove is designed so that you don’t feel like you need to play it for eight hours straight for a solid experience, but rather, have it become a ‘ritual’ that players can ‘look forward to every day.’

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Cozy Grove is scheduled for release on April 8 for PS4 and will arrive on the PS5 at a later date. This version will feature reduced loading times and can be upgraded for free for those who own the current-generation version. PS5 and PS4 Pro versions support 4K resolution.

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