Crash Bandicoot PS4 remaster IS more difficult than original game

crash bandicoot ps4

The developer behind the Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy for PlayStation 4 has conceded that the remake is indeed more difficult than the original PlayStation version. 

Fans have been spending the past few weeks attempting to ascertain why the PS4 versions of the original three Crash Bandicoot games feel different to play in comparison to the original 90s platformers. In fact, Twitch streamer DingDongVG created a video which highlighted an issue with Crash’s jumping ability, which seems to be sped up compared to the originals. 

In response, Activision’s Editorial Manager, Kevin Kelly, confirmed that Vicarious Visions has indeed tweaked the jumping for the Crash remasters, using the third game, Crash 3: Warped, as a template for the other titles. In fact, he recommends starting with Crash 2 or 3 and then coming back to the crate-smashing marsupial’s original outing, as it’s the most difficult one.

"There are a few subtle differences in Crash Bandicoot," Kelly said. "Chief among these being the fact that you fall more quickly upon release of the X button than you did in the original first game."

"An increased precision is now required in the first game, which makes the gameplay experience different," he said. "Particularly if you are a new player, you may want to start with the second and third games first, and then come back to try Crash Bandicoot after you’ve had more practice. For those of you who played the originals and acquired a fair amount of muscle memory, re-learning the handling in our game may present an additional challenge you weren’t expecting. But we’re sure you up to the task."

Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy was released exclusively for PS4 on June 30, 2017. The includes full remakes of the first three Crash titles that were originally developed by Naughty Dog in the mid-late 90s, as well as a unified checkpoint/save system and other enhancements. Read our review of the game here.

New Crash Bandicoot PS4 remakes are possible

Vicarious Visions has also hinted that we may yet see additional remakes in the Crash Bandicoot universe, or possibly even a brand new game. Any new project is entirely contingent on the success of the N.Sane Trilogy, although right now it looks like the collection is off to a solid start, at least in the U.K. From what the studio has hinted, it seems that a Crash Team Racing PS4 remake could be the most likely candidate.