Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII HD: ‘no plans,’ but dev is ‘curious to see how many fans would want it’

Square Enix’s Hajime Tabata has said that there are currently no plans for a Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII HD remake.

Speaking during a Reddit AMA session yesterday, Tabata-san was quizzed on the possibility of revamping not only Crisis Core, but Before Crisis as well.

He responded:  “That’s an interesting question. There are no plans at this time, but I’m curious as to how many fans would be interested in such games.”

Crisis Core was released on the PlayStation Portable in 2008, and tells the story of SOLDIER member and Buster Sword-wielder, Zack, and his exploits prior to the events of Final Fantasy VII. 

Before Crisis was released for FOMA in 2004 and takes the form of an action-RPG some six years prior to FFVII. The story focuses on the Turks as they battle against AVALANCHE.  Both games form part of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII series, which expands on the 1997 JRPG via a series of multi-media releases.