Criterion confirms Cops and Robbers download for Burnout Paradise

Criterion never ceases to amaze and support its loyal following of gamers, as the development team has churned out update after update for Burnout Paradise. Though the first handful of content was given out free of charge, Criterion has stepped their game up by offering premium content for a somewhat affordable price. Their first premium installment came by way of the Party Pack, which finally allowed offline multiplayer functionality.

Now, Criterion has confirmed that Paradise City shall soon include police pursuits in a new mode entitled Cops and Robbers. The content is expected to release shortly after the Toy Cars, Legendary Card, and Boost Specials updates, and should hopefully retail for a tad cheaper than the Party Pack.

Police chases have not been included in a Burnout title since Burnout 2: Point of Impact, so it’s a nice retro feature to bring back to the game. It’s no secret that the developers have supported their gamers, and now is the opportunity for the gamers to return that love.