CryEngine 3 to support PS4 in next-gen, Crytek says

 Developer Crytek has established over the years a reputation for pushing hardware to its limits in regard to visual performance. With each installation to the Crysis series raising the bar for graphical standards, it is no wonder that Crytek has revealed that the engine will be supported by Sony’s PlayStation 4 when it releases later this year.

While little more is known, such as who will be taking advantage of the superb engine, the similarities in hardware architecture amongst the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC make it easier than ever for developers to use the engine for the creation of multi-platform titles. More regarding Crytek’s, and CryEngine 3’s, role with the PlayStation 4 may be revealed next week at E3. 

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Steven Chaffin, Jr. | @steven_chaffin | The Editor’s Desk

Steven is an American editor for PlayStation Universe. He’s always interested in what Crytek has to offer, especially after having a wonderful time in the developer’s Crysis 2. He looks forward to what they’ll bring to the table in the years to come, but he knows one thing: It’ll be good.