Crysis 2 dev says PS3/360 RAM is ‘way too low’

Crytek’s said that the amount of RAM afforded by the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 is ‘way too low,’ and as such wants to see Sony and Microsoft substantially increase it for next-generation consoles.

Speaking with Digital Foundry, the firm’s R&D principle graphics engineer, Tiago Sousa, said he’d like to see the PS3 and 360’s successors pack in a whopping 16 times more RAM than the current 512MB on offer.

"My finger-pointing at Microsoft/Sony would really be on the memory side," said Sousa. "It’s way too low, and the biggest crippling factor from a visual perspective.”

"I would really like to see next-gen console platforms with a minimum of 8GB," he offered.

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