Crysis 2 – The First 15 Minutes

The embargo has finally lifted on Crysis 2 reviews and gameplay footage, which means by now you probably know that we weren’t overly impressed with Crytek’s single player campaign in our own Crysis 2 review. However, if you haven’t yet rushed out and bought a copy of the game, you might want to check out this first 15 minutes of gameplay that we’ve captured for your viewing pleasure.

We’ve taken out the intro video, so gameplay starts almost immediately. However, please be aware that there are some spoilers here and another cut-scene which reveals some information about the plot. So, you have been warned. It’s quite a slow first 15 minutes as it happens with little to see in terms of action. However, you do get to ogle at some glorious graphics and catch a glimpse at the nanosuit’s visor in action.

So, sit back and enjoy – and please, pretend you didn’t notice that we missed our very first power jump; we’re really embarrassed about that.