Crysis 3 returns to series’ roots with new The Lost Island DLC

EA today announced the upcoming release of a new wave of downloadable content for critically acclaimed Crysis 3, dubbed The Lost Island.

The announcement serves as no surprise, as developer Crytek previously teased such content in a Facebook post reading, "In the words of Nomad: ‘We’re going back.’" This came alongside a photo of the tropical island setting of the original Crysis.

The new multiplayer DLC, available for $14.99 starting June 4, features four outside-of-the-dome maps, two new game modes, and a new arsenal of weapons available for online use. Crytek’s aim, by taking players outside of the perilous, domed New York City, might be to create an exciting mixture of the old environment that made the series a massive success and the new experiences possible thanks to advancements in hardware and software since the series’ debut in 2007.

To discuss, drop a comment below or make your way to our community forums. Has Crysis 3 maintained gamer interest since its release? Will you be purchasing the new DLC when it releases in less than a week?


Steven Chaffin, Jr. is an American editor for PlayStation Universe and an avid fan of Crytek’s Crysis 2. He regards Crysis as one of the highest-quality first-person shooters on the market, but ironically missed out on the third series’ installment entirely. For more from Steven, friend him on Facebook, follow him on Twitter @steven_chaffin, and connect with him on LinkedIn.