Crytek says devs need to aim for 90+ scores to ‘make an impact’

Crytek’s Nathan Camarillo has declared that developers need to start churning out titles capable of scoring in the 90s if they ever want to be recognised in today’s competitive market conditions.

Unsurprisingly, that’s exactly what the celebrated studio has in mind for its upcoming sci-fi shooter Crysis 2, echoing previous comments from EA Partners head David DeMartini, who reckons the sequel will average review scores of 90 percent.

Chatting with CVG, Camarillo commented, “We’re going to put out the best game that we can make and that’s probably over a 90 rated so it’s a fair statement to make," adding, “It’s up to the reviewers obviously. I hope he didn’t jinx us.”

However, the Crytek executive noted it’s not just Crysis 2 or FPS games in general that should aim for that shiny 90+ sticker. Rather, Camarillo reckons it should apply to genres of all shapes and sizes, or developers will struggle to pole vault over that proverbial quality bar.

"I think you have to be 90 plus to make an impact in any genre now. The quality bar is so high and publishers and developers have put so much effort against high quality games."

"If you want to be recognised at all, regardless of genre, like anything you need to create the highest quality product possible and anything else is not going to get noticed."

Crysis 2 will be deployed to retailers around the globe in late March.