D3Publisher hints at Puzzle Quest sequel

The hit sleeper title of 2007, Puzzle Quest, seems to be tight on pace for a sequel in 2008 as hinted by D3Publisher when they introduced Adam Roberts as the newest member of their staff.

Roberts joins D3Publisher as their new Managing Director and hopes to help carry on the success that the once little known publisher has encountered.

“These are very exciting times for D3PE with Dark Sector shaping up to be one of the key action titles of 2008,” said Roberts. “A wealth of exciting new titles on both current and next gen over the coming months and a talented team will cement D3PE’s position as one of the fastest growing game publishers in Europe. D3PE will become a force to be reckoned, and I am delighted to be part of it.”

Roberts comes from such positions as Vivendi’s UK Managing Director and Vice President of Europe, and as Sales Director for Empire Interactive. The new position will have Roberts in charge of sales, marketing and operational functions across Europe and the PAL regions, and will be based from D3PE’s Cambridge office. He brings 17 years of experience to D3PE as the company looks to his guidance to capitalize on the success of games such as the original Puzzle Quest and Earth Defence Force 2017.

D3Publisher hopes that he will lend his experience with the releases of Aardman’s popular Shaun the Sheep character in 2008, as well as the highly anticipated sequels to Ben 10 and Puzzle Quest. The company is also looking forward to the upcoming release of the stunning action game Dark Sector on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in April.