Danganronpa games sell over 200,000 units in the West

Takuro Yamashita, CEO and president of NIS America, told Market for Computer & Video Games, the two Danganronpa games have sold over 200,000 units combined in North America and Europe.

“Danganronpa was definitely the game that made visual novels popular with Western gamers; since then there’s been more coming out,” remarked Yamashita. “It’s been quite good.”

“That’s just on PS Vita – it’s quite an impressive number.”

Thanks to Danganronpa’s success, NIS America is interested in bringing more visual novels to the West. “NISA is known for publishing niche JRPGs like Disgaea, but now we’re shifting the system towards visual novels after the success of Danganronpa,” explained Yamashita.

“We’re just about to launch Danganronpa: Another Episode in September [1st], which is set between the first two games, and I’m confident people will love it.”

Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls is a spin-off starring Komaru Naegi, the little sister of the 1st game’s protagonist Makoto Naegi, and is a PlayStation Vita third-person shooting adventure, rather than a visual novel.

The main Danganronpa titles are a cross between Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Battle Royale (or Hunger Games). In each game, a class of students are trapped and forced to kill one another by a demonic robot bear named Monokuma. Whenever a murder occurs, the surviving classmates participate in a courtroom trial, filled with mini-games and logic puzzles. If the correct person is found guilty, the rest of the class lives and the murderer is executed. But if the real killer isn’t convicted, he or she gets to leave while everyone is killed.

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