Danger Planet tech demo released

Fantasy Lab has released a new tech demo for Danger Planet, an upcoming third person action adventure title, featuring cutting edge animation and intricate visuals. The new technology is called, RadiumSDK, and is a toolkit that allows developers to add global illumination to real-time 3D applications.

In this video, Fantasy Lab demonstrates how the engine calculates infinite bounces of light in a dynamic environment in which any surface can reflect light, shadow light, and glow.

View the tech demo below.

The game’s theme follows a kind of a cartoony Lost in Space, where players assume the role of Captain Jason Storm (seen in the tech demo above). After crash landing on an alien planet inhabited by monstrous creatures, hostile robots, and derelict alien spacecrafts, Storm must use his wits and skill to find and disable the weapon that shot his craft down or risk becoming a permanent resident of DANGER PLANET.

Expect to hear more on the title from soon.