Dark Sector’s weapons revealed

Over at, they’ve been covering Dark Sector extensively with their special access to the game’s material. Today they went ahead and covered the entire list of Dark Sector’s 12 weapons.

Besides their distinctive looks, each weapon packs individual techniques that makes it unique from the weapon before it, giving the player a better variety depending on the situation.

  • KORBOV TK6 – Assault rifle
  • ELITE CANNON – Gatling style gun with built in RPG
  • TEKNA 9mm – Standard issue pistol
  • SPECTRE – Shotgun
  • VEKESK Micro – Fully automatic machine pistol
  • AKS-74 – Russian Assault rifle
  • PROTECTA – Pump Action Shotgun
  • RPG – Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher
  • TEKNA Burst Pistol – Compact Pistol
  • HAMMER 1895 – Classic Double Action Revolver
  • VX Carbine – Carbine Rifle
  • STRIKER – Short Barrel Shotgun

For detailed information as well as photos of the weapons, head over to to check out their impressive coverage.

Set to release March 25 in North America and March 28 in Europe, Dark Sector is a semi sci-fi based action adventure FPS set in the near future. The plot-line itself centers around a CIA operative named Hayden Tenno. Dark Sector is expected to have an intense single player with a notable multiplayer experience