Dark Souls 3 Collector’s Edition for PS4 costs nearly £100, includes Red Knight figure

Dark Souls 3 will receive a Collector’s and Prestige Edition release when it hits PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One in early 2016, according to a retailer based in the United Arab Emirates (via NeoGAF).

First up is the Collector’s Edition, which retailers for around £90 and includes the following items: Collector’s Box, metal case, three iron-on patches, 25cm Red Knight figurine, cloth game map, hardcover art book, and game soundtrack. You can check out an image of the Collector’s Edition below.

Next up is the rather pricey Prestige Edition, which will set you back around £324; it features everything seen in the Collector’s Edition, albeit replaces the Red Knight with a 40cm Lord Cinder figurine. Due to the size of the figurine, the packaging is also slightly different than the Collector’s Edition release. Check out a snapshot of it below.

The retailer claims that both of these special edition releases will launch on April 12 alongside the standard edition of Dark Souls 3. At present, publisher Bandai Namco Games has yet to confirm a precise release date for the upcoming dungeon crawler, though has said we can expect it to arrive in the U.S. and Europe at some point in March or April. It also won’t be the final chapter in the series despite earlier rumors, and has been described as a ‘turning point’ for the franchise. Check out the latest footage of Dark Souls 3 from the recent stress test to see how it’s shaping up.

Dark Souls III introduces a new combat ability known as the Ready Stance, which allows the player to dish out considerably punishment to enemies in comparison to regular attacks. Also new to the table are small gravestones, which act as torches for the player, but also provide additional lore when interacted with. In terms of locations, Dark Souls III will feature fewer areas than its predecessor, though environments are now longer than ever to afford the player greater opportunity to explore their surroundings. From Software has confirmed that the agility stat from Dark Souls II will not make a return, however.

Are you looking forward to Dark Souls 3? Will you splash out on any of the above special editions? Let us know in the comments section below.