Dark Souls 3 PS4 stress test gameplay footage shows it’s tougher than ever

A three-day long Dark Souls 3 beta ‘network stress test’ on PlayStation 4 has just concluded, and gameplay footage has now emerged showing off some of the locations and enemies that we’ll be pitted against when Bandai Namco’s action-adventure game launches in April 2016.

The resemblance to Bloodborne’s dark, gothic setting is uncanny, though unsurprising considering game director Hidetaka Miyazaki also worked on From Software’s highly-acclaimed action-RPG. Combat is said to be faster-paced than previous Dark Souls’ games, though not as fast as in Bloodborne, with players once again battling against incredibly tough A.I. with a range of weapons, from dual-wielded swords to shortbows.

The following footage was taken by Oroboro on YouTube and shows almost two hours of PvE gameplay.


Dark Souls 3 introduces a new special ability named ‘Ready Stance’ which allows players to perform a high damage attack on enemies with some of their weapons. Magic spells have also been overhauled with new options for each spells that add a new layer of strategy to battles. To make things even tougher for fans of the series, FromSoftware has also tweaked the A.I. of bosses so that some monsters will change their attack patterns mid-battle.You will die!

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