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DC Fandome Showcase Announced – New PS4, PS5 Batman Title Likely To Debut

We might get a new look at the new PS4 and PS5 Batman title from Warner Bros Montreal soon, as Warner Bros has just announced DC Fandome, a virtual showcase for all things DC, for August 22nd, 2020.

In the works for more than three years now and no-showing pretty much every key event for the last two years, it makes sense that Warner Bros Montreal highly anticipated Batman title would *finally* get its fifteen minute of fame at a bespoke DC event that focused exclusively on the brand.

The DC Fandome virtual event promises games announcements. Will Warner Bros Batman title be there? We can’t think of any better place, quite frankly.

Though it has not been confirmed that Warner Bros Montreal game will be at the event, the official site for the DC Fandome does say that the 24 hour event will showcase “special programming, panels and content reveals from a wide variety of films, TV series and games.”

Sounds like if there is any platform that WB Games will use to announce the new Batman game from Warner Bros or other new, unannounced DC games properties, it’ll be the DC Fandome.

You can catch the official blurb on them matter below and failing that, can fill your face with all the details by heading over to the official site.


The epicenter of the DC FanDome is the Hall of Heroes, where you can experience special programming, panels and content reveals from a wide variety of films, TV series and games, available in several languages, including Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. From there, navigate deeper into the DC Multiverse, exploring five additional satellite worlds, each with its own localized content and unique activities and one world fully devoted to our younger fans!

Source: DC Fandome Official Site