DC Universe Online gets ninth DLC release, starring Blue Lantern Corps

Tomorrow, PS3 and PS4 MMO DC Universe Online will be getting its ninth DLC pack, and its first since the launch of PlayStation 4, titled War of the Light: Part I.

The content has been available since last week to players with a Legendary Membership, which start at $9.99/month. This subscription price matches the price point featured on previous DLC packs. War of the Light: Part I will likely follow this trend.

According to PR representatives for the game, War of the Light: Part I "brings a brand new storyline featuring the Blue Lantern Corps, as well as popular characters Saint Walker and Atrocitus. DLC 9 also introduces the 12th power set — Rage Powers — which can be used by both heroes and villains."

While DC Universe Online had a bumpy launch back in 2011, membership shot up once it went free-to-play. A glimpse at the game’s official forums further indicates Sony Online Entertainment’s commitment to the game and its members, who seem very excited with the release of DLC 9.

Are any of you DC Universe Online superheroes? Let us know how you feel about the DLC release below.