DC Universe Online gets "Super Servers" to improve queue times

When the PlayStation Network eventually comes back online Sony Online Entertainment’s best-selling MMO, DC Universe Online, will undergo a major server change aimed at reducing queue times.

A statement from Sony Computer Entertainment America reveals that SOE will be testing out new technology by merging the US and European PC and PlayStation 3 servers into “four Super-Servers, one for each platform in each region.”

“This will allow for more opportunities to queue and participate in other group related game mechanics,” reads the statement.

The changes could be a way off for PS3 players though as Sony says that the switch will happen initially on the PC test server this month, with the PS3 servers to follow.

Sony’s PlayStation Network has been offline since April 18, so players of DCUO haven’t been able to get onto the servers at all. Some subscribers have been talking about whether SOE will compensate players in any way. What would you prefer; free play-time, or double EXP perhaps? Now that would be "super."