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DC Universe Online Will Arrive On PS5 This Holiday Season

DC Universe Online has for years been the place that DC fans could see themselves with the same powers as their favourite heroes, and now that world will be arriving on PS5 “this holiday season,” publisher Daybreak Game Company has announced.

Though a release date isn’t provided, in the same blog post it says that the next Episode will arrive in October, with the PS5 version to come in the holiday season, so it looks like we can expect it arriving anytime in November-December.

“Along with the performance gains found playing natively on the latest and greatest hardware, the team is also working on gameplay and quality of life improvements to match.” read the statement from Ted Stone, community manager for DC Universe Online.

“You will see some of these improvements launch over the next few months prior to release on the new consoles, some of them at launch and some of them following over the course of next year.”

With that kind of a stretched out timeline, and the lack of any other information about what exactly will be new, for now all players can expect to come from these new current-gen version is that it’ll be better than the one people can play now.

Hopefully we learn more specifics soon about what will be arriving and when.

Source – [DC Universe Online]