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Dead Island 2 Has Surpassed 7 Million Players As Dambuster Teases More To Come

Dead Island 2 was a game that for years seemed as dead as its subject matter. While the original zombie game turned some heads, the sequel project had been passed around so much, it never seemed like it would get across the finish line.

Get across the finish line it did however, and even more, developer Dambuster Studios delivered a zombie game that has been a significant hit, as the studio celebrated the game’s one year anniversary, and thanks the more than 7 million players that have jumped in across this first year.

“We have had well over 7 million players enter Hell-A and a brain melting 24 BILLION zombies slayed!” said Dambuster in a blog post on the game’s official website.

Dambuster also teases that in the coming months we’ll see what’s coming next as far as Dead Island 2’s roadmap, saying some of the updates that will arrive are “long awaited new game updates.”

Source – [Dambuster Studios]