Dead Island 2 infecting Gamescom in playable form

Deep Silver has revealed that its upcoming zombie slaying sequel, Dead Island 2, will be putting in a playable appearance at Gamescom later this month.

The horror title’s inclusion at Europe’s most prolific video games expo is particularly significant, as it marks “the first time a Dead Island game will be playable on German soil.’

After all, the previous Dead Island games were all banned in Germany due to their graphic nature.

Joining Dead Island 2 will be a host of other titles under Deep Silver’s umbrella, including Dead Island: Epidemic, Sacred 3, Risen 3: Titan Lords, Emergency 5, and Metro Redux.

However, Escape Dead Island, a spin-off that will launch later this year for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, plus the upcoming Homefront: The Revolution, won’t be showing their face on the show floor.

Homefront has made headlines lately following the acquisition of the brand by Deep Silver parent company, Koch Media.

Stay tuned to PSU for more details.