Dead or Alive 5 still has a few characters under wraps

Dead or Alive 5 producer Yousuke Hayashi has revealed that Team Ninja still has a few more characters to unveil for inclusion in the hotly-anticipated beat-‘em-up title.

The developer recently confirmed Eliot and Brad Wong as the latest additions to the game’s roster, though promised there’s still more to come.

Chatting with Famitsu, Hayashi-san revealed that the new characters may hail from not only the Dead or Alive series, but Virtua Fighter too. Chances are they’ll be unlockable combatants too, requiring you to play through the game first.

He also touched briefly on the improved character models, saying the team’s goal was to make “the cutest girls in gaming history.”

This shouldn’t be too hard considering Team Ninja has employed some rather unique ways of making sure the voluptuous babes in Dead or Alive 5 are as realistic as possible.

Dead or Alive 5 is due out in September 2012 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

via Andriasang