Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Free-to-Play Version now available and in English

Koei Tecmo have released the digital free-to-play versions of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 for the PlayStation 4 and Vita on the Japanese and Asian PlayStation Stores.

The DOAX3 Free-to-Play Version only includes Kasumi free of charge and you need to pay to unlock any of the other girls as playable characters. You also need to pay to play the Casino portion.

Like the full release of the game, the Asian version of DOAX3 includes English text, a concession Koei Tecmo made for Western fans after the controversial decision to not release the game outside of Asian territories.

In order to download DOAX3 Free-to-Play version with English, you will need an Asian PlayStation Network account. Setting it up is pretty easy and can all be done in English.

When creating my Asian account, I used Taiwan for the country, Taipei for the city, and 8862 for the zip code. After activating your PS4 as the primary console for the Asian account, you can switch back to your main PSN account and play under your non-Asian account.

Hong Kong PlayStation Store
PlayStation 4 version (English / Chinese / Korean)
PS Vita version (English / Chinese / Korean)

Japan PlayStation Store
      PlayStation 4 version (Japanese)
PS Vita version (Japanese)

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 launched on March 24, 2016 in Japan and Asian countries. You can order the physical, full release of the English-subtitled Asian version at

Below are details about the free-to-play version (courtesy of

– Kasumi is the only playable character, and every feature is available except for the Casino.
– A “Casino Membership” is required to play in the Casino.
– “Character Rights” for each character are required to play as characters other than Kasumi.
– You can’t give swimsuit presents to girls you don’t own the Character Rights to.
– Basic Free Version-exclusive downloadable content needs to be purchased separately for each platform.
– The bonus swimsuit downloadable content and other swimsuit downloadable content can be shared with the paid version.
– You can play the paid version using the save data from the Basic Free Version.

Character Rights and Casino Membership Prices
Character Rights – 1,200 yen (~$11 USD) for PS4 / 1,100 yen (~$10 USD) for PS Vita
Casino Membership – 2,000 yen (~$18 USD) for PS4 / 2,000 yen (~$18 USD) for PS Vita