Dead Space 2 demo in works, will improve upon the original’s demo

Dead Space 2 executive producer Steve Papoutsis has confirmed that a demo of the survival horror sequel is on the cards, and that the team has pledged to make it a far more superior experience to the original game’s bite-sized teaser.

“One of the things that we did ourselves a disservice on the original game…a lot of people played it and our demo was not received as the super awesomest thing ever,” Papoutsis told the chaps at G4. “Last time, I just heard a lot of comments like ‘The demo was way too hard,’ or ‘It kind of came out after the fact.’”

“That’s one thing, again, we want to make sure this time out we deliver a demo that lets people understand the flavor and experience that’s at the heart of the Dead Space universe. We’re really gonna focus on what’s really good, so that new people get a chance to experience and see what it’s really about,” he explained.

“We’re really putting an emphasis on making sure that we have something there so that new people can check it out. There’s a lot of people that seem interested and we just want to give them an opportunity to check it out and get into it.”

Dead Space 2 takes place three years after the original and reacquaints players with protagonist Isaac Clarke, who finds himself battling hordes of Necromorphs onboard a mammoth space station known as ‘Sprawl.’