Dead Space sequel(s) a possibility?

Coming later this year will be Electronic Art’s first attempt at the horror genre, Dead Space. How will it fair against giants such as Silent Hill and Resident Evil? Right now we’re unsure, but what we can reveal is that the upcoming horror epic could possibly span a series of games, rather than a single entry.

Executive Producer, Glen Schofield, explains:

"I would definitely like to make future Dead Space games, I’d love for this to become a well established franchise; we’ve created a huge and rich back story and universe, so other games could easily be made."

So if all goes well, a Dead Space 2, Dead Space 3, and maybe a Dead Space 0 could possibly materialise somewhere down the line. Furthermore, Schofield ended with a bold comment by saying, "Right now we are creating our vision which is to be the scariest videogame ever."

Set to release later this year and developed by EA Redwood Shores, Dead Space is the first sci-fi/horror title from the mega studio. Set in distant space, players will take control of an engineer named Isaac Clarke whom finds himself in an unwelcoming experience after he investigates a sudden distress call. Suddenly Clarke must fight to survive the great horrors of space, alone.

Source: Eurogamer