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Deathloop Free Goldenloop Update Is Adding Cross-Play, New Weapon & Ability

Bethesda has announced that Deathloop is officially making its way to the Xbox Series X/S following a year’s PS5 exclusivity, but that’s not all: the Deathloop Goldenloop update is also on the way to all platforms, and with it, comes full Cross-Play functionality .

Goldenloop will offer Cross-Play for PvP matchmaking across PSN, Xbox, Steam, Epic and Microsoft Store environments. Players can set Cross-Play Matchmaking to any (covers all formats) or Same (covers your platform only), as well as you preferred Cross-Platform Matchmaking controller.

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Meanwhile, Deathloop is also receiving a bunch of new content with the Goldenloop update, including the Fugue Ability plus new weapons such as the Halps Prototype and Paint-Bomber. In addition, players can sink their teeth into four new upgrades for Julianna’s Masquerade Ability:

  • Ensemble: Target up to three NPCs with Masquerade
  • Mend: Regenerate health while using Masquerade on an NPC
  • Expose: When an NPC affected by Masquerade dies or spots Colt, Colt is automatically tagged
  • Incognito: Damage taken while using Masquerade is converted to Energy

Deathloop was released for PS5 and PC back in September 2021 and you can read our full review here.

[Source – Bethesda]