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Deck13 Says Atlas Fallen Is More “Horizon” Than It Is “Dark Souls”

Yesterday during Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022, developer Deck13 Interactive and publisher Focus Entertainment unveiled a brand new title called Atlas Fallen, an action-RPG that takes place across what looks to be a massive open-world.

While fans of Deck13’s previous games like The Surge titles might be expecting more of a Soulslike, Deck13 says it’s really not that kind of game. Think more, Horizon Forbidden West, or even God Of War.

In an interview with website VG247 during a closed-door presentation, design director Jérémy Hartvick pointed to those two games as examples, rather than anything like The Surge.

Though for players who are used to the studios previous work, and prefer a heightened challenge, there will be three difficulty levels and the hardest one will be closer to that desired experience.

Thinking about Atlas Fallen being more akin to Horizon, starts to open up plenty of thoughts about just how big this open-world will be, and what will be possible within it.

Source – [VG247]