Deep Silver shoots down Dead Island movie chatter

Publisher Deep Silver’s fired a Shotgun blast at the head of rumors pointing to a movie adaptation Dead Island, though assured if the zombie romp were to make the jump to the silver screen it’d be a top notch affair.

Rumors of a flick based on the survival horror outing – which finally crawled out of the woodwork last week after a three-year hiatus – have been flooding the net lately, prompting the publisher to set the record straight via its facebook page.

In response, the company said: "Lots of rumors have been about regarding a Dead Island movie, and we wanted to let you guys know that we haven’t signed on with anyone – yet! 😉 And rest assured, a high-quality movie is the #1 thing we’re concerned about for a film adaptation."

Dead Island is due for release in 2011for PlayStation, PC and Xbox 360.