Defiance attracts over 1 million users

Defiance has drummed up over one million registered users in one month, Trion World has announced.

The sci-fi shooter is available for PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360, and joins the recent release of the SyFy TV show set in the same universe.

The game itself sees the earth devastated by a global terraforming event, which eventually led to a war between humans and alien species. Not long after, both species learn to co-exist, and the game sees players scavenging the planet for advanced alien technology in the San Francisco Bay area.

Defiance is known for its dynamic Arkfall events, which sees remnants of alien craft crashing to earth and attracting masses of enemies in the process, as well as relinquishing valuable technology hidden within.

We saw the pilot for the Defiance TV series, and were disappointed to say the least.