Destiny 2 info from EDGE magazine talks about Nightfall time limits & more

The beta did show how the final implementation of how Energy weapons work and then some.

If the Destiny 2 beta wasn’t enough to scratch your itch, we have more Destiny 2 info for you today! EDGE magazine issue #310 has Destiny 2 as its cover game, and in it, a few nuggets of new Destiny 2 info made its way out courtesy of the Destiny subreddit. The video above summarizes what’s talked about in the magazine, but an info roundup can also be seen below.

  • ‘The beta did not contain the final implementation of how Energy weapons work against AI combatants with elemental shields; when the shield is depleted, it explodes, nuking any enemies that happen to be nearby’
  • Nightfall strikes now have a time limit (varying by Strike; one example was 13 minutes) so efficiency and settling on a strategy beforehand will be important
  • There are over 80 missions and (PVE) activities, and each is substantial in length, challenge, story and reward
  • There’s so much new content that at one point in development they realised they had more content than progression (something they’ve subsequently fixed)

The feature story on Destiny 2 also mentions that there are a few things the EDGE team noticed but were told to keep under wraps for now. One example is the Hunter class and how it’s shaping up, so make of that what you will. Overall, the impression from the campaign is said to be positive so far (I know, a featured game being good? Shocker!), which should alleviate any concerns people have after trying the Destiny 2 beta.

In other Destiny 2 news, check out the first multiplayer gameplay trailer released by Bungie, or check here to see some classic Exotic Destiny gear make a return in the sequel.